"Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things." - T. S. Eliot


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April 1, 2011


There is an episode of The Office where Ryan sets the fire alarm off by burning a piece of toast in the toaster oven. Aside from the hilarity of Dwight overreacting like it is a life-or-death situation, the office employees entertain the viewer and themselves by playing an interesting game to pass the time while waiting for the building to be clear of all hazards. 

The game is one you may have heard of or played yourself.  The "If you were stranded on an island, what items would you want to have with you" scenario is, on the surface, a way to take personal inventory of things you just cannot live without.  On a deeper level, your choices reveal more about who you are and what you value by not only the items themselves, but the reason behind their inclusion on the list.

My question to you is:  What would be the top five items you would want to have with you if you were stranded on an island? (You are flying solo and not with your group on this hypothetical island).  State each of your items and provide the following information:
  • A brief description of what the item is
  • What value the item has for you (its significance)
  • And the reason it is a necessity
The item can be a tangible object, something abstract, or symbolic to you.  Be sure to comment on a classmate's choice and offer more than a quick agree or disagree statement.  Really connect to someone else's response.

My Top Five:
5. My wooden hall pass
4. A copy of Into the Wild
3. All seasons of The Office along with my Jim Halpert bobblehead (thank you Angelo for the first season DVD)
2. Paper and a pencil
1. Remy - my dog

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.” - Aristotle


Ashley Victoria Roxas said...

In order of significance, I would bring the following:
1. My best friend Elisabeth
2. My ipod and it's charger
3. My laptop (assuming that I can somehow get wifi on the island, just like how Ms. Depalo is assuming there will be a working TV with a DVD player to watch The Office on.) and it's charger
4. My journal and a pencil
5. Food

I would go insane if I did not have a person to talk to on the island. Granted that I do not say much in the first place, I would not want to be reduced to drawing a face onto a volleyball for a make-shift friend. Elisabeth's my best friend - probably one of the only people I can talk to on a daily basis or go on without speaking to each other for weeks or months and we'd never be awkward with each other. She's practically my sister and I need someone to keep me sane.

This sounds cliche, but I cannot go a day without listening to music. If I'm going to be stuck on this island forever (hopefully not), I'm going to need something to distract me. I love the music I listen to, whether it be energetic pop songs in a completely different language or the calming melodies played on the piano by Yiruma, music gets me through the day. Even with Elisabeth on the island with me, I would surely go insane if I didn't have my iPod with me.

My laptop would be used to pass the time but I could use it to send messages to people back home. I probably do not know where my exact location is exactly, but If I described the island and my surroundings sent in an e-mail, I would have a bigger chance of getting rescued.

I try to write in my journal everyday. I write down things I don't want to forget, story ideas and poems, but on the island, I would write about my daily adventures - if I'm brave enough to explore on my own. If I survive and get off the island, I would look back and read my journal to remember what happened.

I'm going to run out of the food I bring eventually because I'm hungry every second of every minute of every day but I might as well bring it anyway. I'm weak, clumsy and incredibly non-athletic so I wouldn't be able to go hunting. I mean I could look for fruit in bushes but if they're high up in trees I'm out. I'd take my chances rationing the food I brought.

Rachel Cooper said...

1. My dog Bailey. He is my favorite companion and I would never feel lonely if he was there with me. Also, he is smart and has a lot of energy so he could help me gather wood or other things.

2. My acoustic guitar. I always need to be listening to music. Music can relax me when I am stressed out or get me energized when I need to be. Also, being alone of the island would give me lots of free time to be creative and so I could write my own music.

3. Sewing kit including fabric, thread and the sewing machine. I can make more clothes if I need and other accessories that can help me. Also, I just like sewing and designing.

4. Like Ms. Depalo, paper and pencils. As you may have noted already, I'm very creative and so I would use the paper and pencils to write poetry, draw the landscape, and design clothes for myself. And, if I was ever desperate enough, I would use the paper to help start a fire.

5. Lots of pillows and blankets. I am always cold and would definitely need the extra warmth from the blankets at night. I would use any extra blankets to make a bed with the pillows,.

I would see being stranded on the island as a mini vacation. Everything I chose to bring is associated with something I like to do at home but I normally don't have the time to do. My deserted island would be like arts & crafts camp.

Raechel Ritzer said...

If I was stranded on an island, the top five things I would want with me would be:
1. Pens and a notebook
2. My ipod and its charger
3. A friend
4. Food
5. A camera and its charger

First and foremost I would say paper and something to write with because, I can record everything I see, and what I do and so forth. I also can write songs, or draw if I get really bored, it can keep me entertained.

My ipod is really important, music is just great, especially when there is not many people around me. Also my ipod has games I could play, and other things to do, and if there would b wifi I could figure out where I was and try and be rescued.

I would need a friend on this island with me, I can’t stand being alone, so I would die without someone to talk to everyday.

Food is always needed, I love to eat, and I wouldn’t want to have to go out in nature and find my own, so I would try avoiding that as much as possible.

I want to have a camera, so I can take pictures of this island I am on, and look bad on it as another way to remember my adventure.

If I could add one more item I would pick blankets, as Rachel said. I am always cold, and if the island is cold, I would want to be comfortable, and not freeze to death.


Nick Couper said...

If I was stranded on an island I would bring:

1. A satellite cell phone with a charger

2. An Emergency solar powered generator

3. My army sized pocket knife with the dry stone

4. My standard winter camping gear

5. One filtering water bottle system (to 0.1% microbes)

Like Ashley, I want someone to talk to like a good friend. I want to be entertained like being on a computer. I want to just kill all my time while waiting on the island and be able to talk to the outside world as well. This is why I first chose my phone with its charger because it does all of the above. I can talk to friends on my phone which I find very entertaining. I can send a message to the US Government that I am in distress when there is or is not Wi-Fi. Satellite cell phones work in any part of the world at anytime using omnipresent satellites. What I also know is that the government can trace my call using a method called Triangulation to pin point where I am. I should be rescued with in a week of transmitting a call.

Secondly, I would bring an emergency solar powered generator. These machines were specifically designed to independently power small devices such as ipods or phones during disasters when energy from a main grid has been shut off. This machine would be used to power the satellite cell phone just in case it went dead or was dead to begin with.

Next is my army sized pocket knife with its dry stone. I need a knife for creating various tools to survive such as wooden spear. If I can cut out a point on a sturdy staff and place the point in a fire without burning it then I have a spear with a super hardened point. However, the sharpened knife is what first creates these wonderful tools. Plus owning a high quality man made tool such as my over sized knife would be a great morale boost for me because it makes me feel as if I am in a controlled environment.

I read both Rachels talking about how they wanted to be warm at night and I thought that was a great idea. I want to be warm at night too, so I want to bring my winter camping attire. This includes boots, wool socks, liner (another sock to prevent friction), thermal underwear (upper and lower body), snow pants, a sweater (with a hood of course), a synthetic jacket (also with a hood), wool gloves, synthetic gloves, a sock hat, and a snow mask. With this combination of materials I could be sleeping in the open at a weather of ten degrees Fahrenheit and still be toasty warm. It is efficient at heat capturing and 100% mobile so I can be warm all the time while doing activities.

The object I said I would bring is a filtering water bottle system which remove all the microbes in the water down to 0.1%. This automatic filtration device looks exactly like a water bottle and is mobile for use when needed. This device makes fire unnecessary to getting a safe water supply. I choose this device over something else to help me make a fire because I in theory have the skills needed to make a fire on my own. I've seen different techniques of "rubbing sticks together" and should be able to perform one of them. Aside from this, a person can only last three days without water. On the other hand, a person can last up to two weeks without food. The rescue party is coming with in one week so it's all good. The fire would be mainly to cook any meat caught that had to be cleaned. I should be able to last even if I can not get a fired started. Plus I can look around for fruit, nuts and other plant based food which can nourish me. Yes, I will survive.

Email: nicocoup@msn.com

Charlotte Miller said...

1. I want my 24 package Pop Tart case from Costco. The number 1 thing I notice is that almost all who responded put just “food.” Food could be anything that tastes nasty! I love pop tarts because they are sugary to keep me going and they are delightful. Honestly, let’s worry about my teeth falling out and getting diabetes later. I am on an island, I want food.

2. I want my GameCube and DS; above all, I need something to keep me busy and to keep me from going insane. Insanity can lead to one’s demise via killing ones self or setting the jungle on fire. It will empty my mind of my hunger. Why do you think I can go 7 hours without food in my system; I can use my food sparingly.

3. Fire works. Now I know this sounds unreasonable, but I really think this is the best way to signal a ship next to fire. It’s pretty and noticeable and its makes a lot of noise. Just light the match and run to the other side of the island.

4. A gun with some cooking supplies. Where there is an island, there are animals. Shoot them, skin them, cook them, and eat them. But to every one who reads this, DO NOT eat the vivid, brightly, rainbow colored animals. Their Poisonous! The whole point is to stay alive!

5. My cell phone with those new chargers that are solar powered and all you have to do put them on the charging pad. Just simply call anyone you want. Though if there is no signal, well at least I have the games on my phone.

Everyone has a personal object that means something to them: Rachel has her guitar. Ashley has her laptop and her best friend. While Nick is more reasonable with his items: with a knife and some camping gear and solar generator. I don’t know where fall here but I would have to say I have the most helpful. But I really don’t have the money to buy half this stuff or the license to even get some of it.

(For those of you that are curious, my record is actually 12 hours and 30 minutes playing Mario party 6 back in the 5th grade, I was waiting for my dad to come back from work)

Sai M said...

The top five items I would bring if I were to be stranded on an island are:
1. a best friend
2. my iPhone and charger (like Ashley said, this is assuming there is service, wifi, and an outlet)
3. food
4. a Swiss army knife
5. a sketchbook and pencils

As many have previously stated, I would need a friend to keep me company. A phone is fine for communication but it cannot possibly compare to the presence of a living, breathing person. A friend would make life on a stranded island far easier, as he/she could help me in manual tasks and simply pass the time.

I believe that the iPhone is the greatest invention of all time. It can literally do anything. It's a iPod, computer, gamestation, and phone compacted into one small device. Also, with the thousands of apps available in the app store, I could simply download anything I desire or need.

I could go and hunt or scavenge in the island, but it would obviously be a lot easier to just have delicious, manufactured food ready. Oreos would sure beat raw pork and mushy fruits. Also, I am not really looking to exert myself on a peaceful island getaway.

I also would not be able to just sit on my butt the entire time. At some point I would need to build a shelter or make a fire. A Swiss army knife basically has every tool ever created in a tiny pocket-sized package. It would surely come in handy when creating a shelter or fire.

Another way to pass the time would be by drawing in my sketchpad. I love to draw and being stranded on an island would definitely give me new thoughts and ideas. I could also use it to write down my thoughts so when I am rescued I could put those thoughts into a book, publish it, and make millions off my experience.

Austyn Rosa said...

If i were stranded on an island the top five things i would want with me would be..

1. My Dog Copper- I would want my dog with me because he is a good companion. Copper would keep me level headed and most likely prevent me from wanting to chop off my own leg. My dog might also provide protection from any wild beasts that may be on the island with me.

2. A Rifle with Ammunition- I would want this Rifle so Copper and i could go hunt in the woods for food. We could also protect ourselves from bigger animals such as wild boar or other big creatures.

3. Osmosis Drinking Water System- I would want this because in the event that there is not a fresh water pond, I could use this gadget to purify the sea water to make it drinkable. This is also convenient because it would be able to keep us close to our camp.

4. Swiss Army Knife- I would bring a this Knife because it has so many nifty uses that would keep me alive if I were stranded on an island.

5. Pipe Lighter with Fuel- I would want a pipe lighter because unlike any other lighter a pipe lighter is built to last. This lighter can virtually ignite in any weather condition, and could help light a fire if i ever get cold.

Bianca Sanabria said...

If I was stranded on an island and could only bring five items the number one item is my mom. Having my mom will allow me to survive by gathering food, water, and logs for shelter. She can help the survival rate increase and provided the feeling of safety. She has always been there for me through the worst times in my life and therefore I know she will keep me safe and protected. My mom is also very smart which is useful for thinking of ways to get off the island. Therefore having my mom is beneficial and important to me because I love her.

The second item I will bring is a soft and fuzzy blanket. This item will allow me to feel comfortable at night and provide a good signal for help. Having the blanket will also give me a good surface to lie on. This prevents my back and neck from being injured or sore the next morning. The blanket provides a feeling of protection throughout the night so I can feel safe. Having a blanket is very important to me because when I go to sleep I cannot sleep without a blanket no matter how hot it is.

Thirdly I would bring a laptop with a solar power charger (assuming there is wifi). The laptop will keep me occupied by playing games or reading online books. Having the internet on the laptop will allow me to contact people for help through Facebook. It also provides a good source of music to help me emotionally and mentally on the island. Without my labtop I will feel isolated from the outside world and far away from home.

My forth item will be purified water. Purify water is an excellent resource to have on an island when you are stranded. It is very important in my daily life and without it I feel dehydrated and cranky. Having it on the island will keep my body functioning and hydrated. It is also very important because on the island I would not have any access to clean water.

The last item on my list is an ax. This item will increase my survival rate on the island. It will do so by protecting me from animals and allowing me to kill them for food. The ax can also be useful for cutting down branches for shelter. Therefore providing protection and preventing me from starvation which is very important.

Ashley states in her blog response she will bring her iPod with a charger and her lab top. I believe she should replace the iPod with a more useful item because she can incorporate her music in her laptop.
This allows her to bring one more item for either survival or entertainment use. I also like Austyn’s and Nick’s response because they will bring items that are necessary and important to survive; instead of items for personal and entertainment use. There responses are also more realistic which increases their survival chance which is important when stranded on a real island.


Bianca Sanabria said...

*laptop* third paragraph, last sentence.

Kristie Varghese said...

If I were stranded on an island and I could only take five items with me, they would be:
5. Fireworks like Charlotte said or something that we get me rescued
4. Paper and color pencils
3. my phone and charger(like everyone said, assuming there's an outlet)
2. a water system like Austyn said and good food
1. my best friend

Truthfully, I wouldn't mind being stranded on an island. It would provide some sanity from the crazy real world with all the drama and what not.

Like Rachel said, I would see this as a mini vacation and I would want to take complete advantage of the time I would get away from all the chaos. So my least neccessary item would be fireworks or something that would signal any aircrafts where I am, once I got tired of this "vacation."

My paper and color pencils would allow me to rercord my surroundings and write down everything that goes on. Like Sai pointed out, once I got rescued I could make mad money quick. Also, drawing and writing would let me vent from the bit of craziness being on an island might cause.

My third most important item would be my phone and it's charger. Thankfully, my phone has all my music on it already. I completely agree with Ashley that music is an essential part of life especially for me. I don't go a day even a few hours without listening to some type of music, so it is a very important neccessity for me and my sanity. Music can always calm me down and let me express any bottled emotions or just let loose. Listening to music would also give me something to do to pass the time.

The second most important item would be water and food. Water is the most essential part of life and I don't really plan to die on this island. So, since there should be a water source surrounding this island, I could use this water system to purify the water. By doing so I would have fresh and clean water to drink and I wouldn't die. Also, killing an animal and then eating it doesn't seem too appetizing. So, I would bring some of my own food like Goldfish crackers, which are amazing.

My number one neccessity on this island would be my best friend. With her with me, I definitely wouldn't get bored. Also, like Ashley said my best friend would keep me from going crazy. Together, we would find some way to live on this island and actually enjoy ourselves and find the other basic neccessities of life.


liz butler said...

1. Underwater Camera (and battery charger)
My underwater camera with flash would be a top item on my list. First, I would photograph landmarks on the island and enjoy the scenery. Like Rachel said, I would try to make the best of my mini vacation. The camera could also be used to document everyday life on the island. Instead of writing journal entries, I would use a camera to portray the events, for a “picture is worth a thousand words.” Because this item is waterproof, the camera would survive high tide or any rainy day. The flash on the camera would be bright enough to attract attention as well. If I were to die on the island and someone else landed there, he would find the camera, look through the pictures, and see that life existed and a human documented this existence. Also, this person could peace together a story based on the photos (similar to Into the Wild). If someone only had a diary to record events on the island, it would be harder to find, and would have a much better chance of being destroyed by the water.
2. Small Boat (raft)
During one of my family’s beach vacations, my sister and I obtained a boat raft that could hold about 3 people; it was golden yellow lined with a black design. This raft would make a comfortable bed, as the puffy front and back serve as great pillows. Also, if it was to rain, I could flip over this item and sleep underneath it for shelter, and even warmth. While the amenities of the raft are not adequate for leaving the island and journeying across the ocean, it is sufficiently durable for circling the island; this raft also could provide transportation across a stream/river.
3. 32- pack Poland Spring
A human body can survive without food for a while, but cannot go without liquid, particularly water, for a long period of time. A 32-pack of Poland Spring water would be advantageous in this case. While I normally consume more than one bottle in one day, I would surely run out. However, I would have to ration the amount of water intake. After all the water is finished, I could gather up the bottles and explore the island. The bottles would be used as trail markers, indicating where I explored and I would be able to return to my original destination. Also, the bottles could potentially be used to spell out SOS in the sand for a plane to notice flying overhead. The labels on the bottles then could be used as paper. If there are berries on the island, I could use the liquid from the berry juice as ink to write on the labels.

liz butler said...

4. Marine Corps General (Doctor)
While I would want my family with me if I was on a deserted island, I also would want them to be safe. Therefore, I would want someone with me who is well equipped physically and mentally. A marine sergeant who undergoes intense military training would be perfect; one who is a doctor would also have the knowledge and medical experience necessary to survive. A marine would know how to survive in emergency situations; he would know how to hunt animals and capture food. I would be able to trust him because all military personnel possess honor and pride; they would not disgrace their country. I would not have to worry about him abandoning me and saving himself instead.

5. Machete
The last item I would want is a machete; these weapons have a hooked blade and are used in forests/jungles to cut branches off and also to clear paths. A machete also can be used to chop wood, which could then be turned into a shelter if I was able to build a space. The knife could be used to make indentations in the tree bark; the marks could tally the days passing by or indicate where I have explored thus far. It also could be used to capture animals when necessary. I believe this item would be the most suitable weapon to possess. While with a gun you might feel safer, you can’t really use it as a signaling device. Who will hear you? And, what if you shot a rescue plane down while trying to attract his/her attention?

Coincidently, I was thinking about including music on my top 5’s list, as did Ashley. I also listen to music every day; it definitely is a distraction and an escape from reality. While you are separated from society, music is soothing and preparing you to be open to new experiences. Listening to music can help you feel connected; even though no one is there physically on the island with you, the artist is inspiring you with his/her words. As for Rachel’s idea with her guitar, music definitely can help energize you. Since you will have plenty of free time, you can become exceptionally creative in inventing new music and songs.


joe said...

If I were stranded on an island I would want to take a lot of items, but narrowing it down to just five, is very hard.
First off, like most other people said, I would take my complete iPhone set, making it include the charger and headphones assuming that this island has service and power. If the island did not have power, I would take along a solar powered iPhone battery case. I could also use it to take notes and pictures. I could record a video of myself saying good bye to my parents if I do not make it out, like in the movie “127 Hours.” Most of all I would never get bored, so it would protect me from going insane.
Secondly, I would want a water purifier. There is a slim chance that there is not any fresh water on this island. A water purifier would cleanse the sea water that is surrounding the island into fresh drinkable water. “Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” Albert Gyorqyi. Water is obviously a necessary, but since there’s the chance of water being on the island that it is not most important.
Thirdly, I would want machete. A man has to eat! I would go hunting with it; build my tent with it by cutting trees with it. Also, why would I choose a machete rather than a gun? It’s very simple, knifes never run out of ammo. This item would be significant to me because it give me a comfort of being somewhat secure. Just like how Lizzy said, it would be good to cut paths, as well.
Fourthly, instead of going through the trouble of rubbing two sticks together to start a fire, I would want a good lighter. This would be very important to make a fire to get saved. Also, having fire, it would be important so I could have a fire during the night to see what and where I am going.
Lastly, my final item would be a 4x4, with a solar panel battery. I would want to be able to get around the island fast, and a 4x4 could not be any more perfect. It could haul trees for a shelter, water so I do not have to go to a stream 50 times a day, and it would be fun to ride during the day.


sydney said...

If I were stranded on an island alone I would want to bring so many "necessities". It would be nearly impossible to only pick five things, but if I had to they would be:
1) my glasses: Without my glasses I am unable to see. I would choose to bring them over my contacts because I would not know how long I may be stranded on the island and in about a day or 2 they tend to dry out and become unwearable. The glasses could also serve as a heating device. When you shine light through a glass lens to another object it can burn it to start a fire. The fire would be good for heat, cooking, and a flare to signal a plane that you are stranded.
2) a coloring book with crayons: Being on the island would most likely cause me to go into a panic. I like to color and this would be something to pass the time as well as calm me down. If necessary I could also burn the pictures once done coloring because they would increase the flames of the fire.
3) a friend: I would not want to just bring any random friend. This friend would have to be one that I could get along with in any circumstance. If you brought someone that you cannot stand being with for an extended period of time then it would be pointless because you would just end up wanting to be alone. A friend could help you brainstorm on how to build shelter, get food, and stay safe. Four hands would move everything much faster and the choices would be much more realistic.
4) as others have perviously stated I would bring a water purifying system: This would come in handy to hydrate you body and keep you from becoming sick. Salt water is not okay to drink and could make you very sick from everything that is in it. Also if you needed to shower, which I hope everyone took into consideration, this would be a much more sanitary approach instead of showering in the ocean.
5) a knife: Being on an island that is very unfamiliar, just like in Lord of the Flies, I would need to explore the land just to see what I was taking on. The knife would help me cut down shrubbery and wood to build shelter with as well as cutting down fruit and killing animals. I would opt to not kill the animals if it were not necessary because I could never bring myself to do that, but after so long your body needs the protein from the meat. It would also keep me safe in case of emergency such as getting attacked by an animal or whittling a boat (who knows, could be stranded there for a while).

Not all of these items would entertain me as much as I wished, but my safety and sanity would come before recreational needs.

sydney said...


Sabrina Tan said...

If I was ever to be stranded on an island and had to choose five items to bring along with me, I would most likely choose:

1. My inhaler
I always used to forget my inhaler at home whenever I had soccer practice when I was little. Eventually in the middle of practice, I would get an asthma attack. My inhaler is my number one priority because it is the only way I can possibly survive. The inhaler that I would bring would be a new and full one. Inhalers usually 200 inhalations and I would not be using it every single day because my asthma isn't that bad unless I'm doing athletic activity.

2. My glasses
Everyday I wear my contacts, but I do still own my glasses for the night time. Contacts tend to dry up and it is not healthy to keep them in all the time, and especially when you are sleeping. Therefore, I would need my glasses once my contacts begin to dry up. Most importantly, without my glasses, my vision would be a complete blur.

3. A fully charged camera
Although most students such as: Sai, Rachel, and Ashley say that they would bring a pencil and paper or journal, I would rather bring a fully charged camera. Because I am not the most creative one in drawing or a big fan of writing, I rather choose to take pictures of my surroundings than writing it all down. I would much rather have more time to explore my surroundings than writing them all down.

4. My Blackberry and charger
Like everyone else, hopefully I'm assuming that there is some sort of wifi and outlet at this stranded island that I can find. My Blackberry can be useful in many ways. It consists of the internet which means I can most likely get a hold of Facebook and update my status that I am stranded on an island and someone needs to come find me as soon as possible! I will also have a hold of the weather channel app which will warn me of the upcoming weather. I even will have my Tumblr and Twitter app to blog about how I am stranded on an island.

5. 32-Pack Poland Spring Water
I drink water all the time and I do not know how I would be able to survive on an island without it. Like Lizzy said, the 32-pack of water will eventually run out, but I can also ration it so that I will still have enough until someone finds me. It is a lot of water and since I have my phone, I'm sure that someone will find me within the next week or so.

Sabrina Tan said...

*Inhalers usually have 200 inhalations...

Nancy P said...

If I was stranded on an island and I could only bring 5 things, they would be:

1. The first thing I would bring is my brother, Edwin. Unlike everyone else that said a best friend, my brother is the closest person I have in my life. Without him I do not think I would survive in my house hold. Edwin is always there to make me laugh and smile and when it comes down to it he is my best and most reliable source of protection. Me being 5'1 and him being 5'11, I feel so much more comfortable with him protecting me and watching out for my safety. Also me being a worry wart he would make the situation feel alot less tense.

2. The second most important thing I would bring with me is like Kristie and Austyn said, a water system and some sort of food. This is important because like Kristie says water is an essential part of living. If I were to bring a water system I could purity it, this way my body is not affected by any kinds of contaminations of the water from the island. Also the only food source would be any animals on the island. I know for a fact that I am not capable of killing and preparing my own food. On top of that I would not know how to even preserve the animals either, so the best idea is to bring dry foods.

3. The third item I would bring is the only pictures I have of my grandmother and grandfather. I would bring this because before I go to sleep every night I kiss the pictures to feel safe as I sleep. It may not seem important to other people, but I already lost my grandparents and I do not want to lose the only thing I have of reminding me of them. If I do not bring the pictures I would not be mentally stable.

4. The fourth most important item I would bring is firecrackers. Like charlotte said it is another great way to alert any other ships around. This is important because the most important task to do is to get off the island safely. Firecrackers produce loud noises and lights, so people get a hint that there is some need of help.

5. The fifth important item I would bring is my cell phone. Anyone that knows me knows that I am always texting and using my phone. So if I was to be stranded on an island I am smart enough not to let it be the first item. Using commmon sense, there is not going to be an outlet. So I will still use it, but at some point it will run out of battery and die. While the cell phone is still alive I will use all the battery that is left until it dies.


Jasmine Thompson said...

The top five items I would have with me if I were stranded on an island are:
5. A charged solar powered laptop (wifi included)
4. Enough clothes to last me two weeks
3. An unlimited supply of food
2. Ten comforters
1. My future husband

My laptop is at the end if this list because I would not say that the internet is an absolute need but rather a want. The main purpose for this solar powered laptop is to provide entertainment. I'm sure that I will eventually become bored on this island and the laptop is a useful solution. Also, facebook is pretty much my life and would be pretty hard to live without.

Proper clothing is very  important to me. I specifically chose two weeks worth of clothes so that I would have time to rinse and dry my clothes without worrying about running out soon. It Also provides warmth in case this island is cold at times.

I would not be able to survive without food. I am able to survive on just an unlimited amount of assorted chips. Also, there would be no problem with spoiling. Even though ships can go stale, I do not really mind the stale taste.

High on my list is many comforters.  Although hot during the day, the island can become very cold at night. I have always have a comforter with me when I am home and even pack a snuggie in the car on road trips. A comforter is one thing I cannot live without. They can even provide shelter in a sense.

Number one on my list is my best friend and future husband Brandon. His presence is an absolute necessity. He knows almost everything about me and we can go hours just talking without getting bored. Being without each other just is not an option. I trust him with everything and he is actually very resourceful. Being on an island alone together is not the best possible situation but having him there would make life a whole lot better.

If I were able to bring just one more item, I would have to agree with Lizzy and bring a machete for hunting and protection purposes. Some others have previously mentioned that they may bring pocket knives but I do not find that too smart. Pocket knives have limited uses. There is only so much you can do with a tiny knife.


Cesar Presa said...

1.my guitar collection with my amp and cabinets
2. My cd collection
3. Laptop with charger
4. Some sort of generator( ms.depalo...DVDs don't work without electricity...)
5. Lastly I would bring (as cliche as it sounds) my girlfriend

I would bring my guitar collection with amp and cabinet (a cabinet is a basically a wooden box with speakers inside) because I love to create music and being without it would defininetly make me feel as if I were missing something.

My cd collection goes along the same lines that my first choice went. Music has always been a comforting aspect to my often hectic life. Having that type of comfort would totally make me feel better if I got depressed or sad and would provide a reminder if home.

I would choose my laptop with charger mainly for entertainment an to stay updated with the rest of the world. As much as I love to have fun on the beach and whatnot, I'm sure that after a while it would get boring so a laptop could provide fun. It could also a way to connect with the rest of the outside world and find out how the planet is doing while I'm not around.

The generator would be just to provide electrical power...and that's it.

Now I chose my last one for the same reason Ashley made her choice to bring her friend. I would go insane if I did not have some form of human interaction and sanity is important as a survival skill. I hopefully won't be stranded on this island for too long so she could make my experience on the island more relaxed an enjoyable rather than just focusing on getting rescued. Your on an iand dammit not northern Canada.

Olivia Taylor said...

1. Water purifier system- I agree with austyn. Like austyn I believe that having a continuous water source is sometime that cannot be overlooked. Finding clean water will be my hardest task when stranded on an island. So with a purifier I would be able to clear up dirty water.
2. Fishing rod- I learned how to fish a couple of years ago, and I have my own rod which we keep in the basement of my house. I could easily something to use as bait, whether it being worms, or a dead animal. I find fishing to be relaxing, and fun, therefore it I ever were to start to lose my mind I could calm myself by fishing. Also I could catch a fish and keep it as a pet.

3. A sharp knife- I would be able to use the knife to skin hunted animals, cut up plants, and also crave into wooden blocks as a source of entertainment(sculpt).

4. The whole 3 season of Merlin- I love this TV series, and it would keep entertained, and I could also use the disk to reflect sunlight and possible start a fire.
5. A tent- I would bring this so that I could easily set up a shelter. Also the poles to set up the tent could be use as a weapon. This is very important to me because I don’t like being uncomfortable, and this would provide some amount of it.

Danny Gardner said...

Well, this is a very difficult decision to narrow down a selection to just five but I will try my best.

1. My Laptop - This technologically enhanced device is used in every day life at home and will most certainly be needed for me to survive on an island alone. It is important to me because I use it basically every day and with it I can use it to communicate with someone far away to request help on escaping or surviving. It is definitely a necessity for communication aside from a cell phone that may not get reception on an island. It is also convenient to use as a form of entertainment as well so that I don’t bore myself to death. In which case I would be in deep trouble, but hopefully that won’t be the case.

2. Sleeping Bag – I have a camouflage sleeping bag that will blend in with any forest surroundings and is equip for cold temperatures to ensure that I remain warm at night and is water proof in case it rains. Not only is a safe way to sleep but to also keep warm. At night it can get chilly no matter where you are and if your body doesn’t keep its body heat then it will not function properly. It is also very comfy and one of my favorites so I would have to bring it along with me.

3. Food/Water – One of my first priorities is how I am going to eat. So I will bring as much food as allowed or possible. Fruit and vegetables are key for daily vitamins and nutrients so those will be a big priority. I need water to keep my body hydrated because if it is super hot, lack of water will cause dehydration causing me to faint which is not good when you’re stranded on an island alone.

4. Hunting Rifle - I am not big on hunting or killing things with my hand so a gun is the best way to hunt. I have learned how to use one and it is a necessary skill if I am to eat any protein which can be found in any mammal that I will find on land or in the sea. If I can successfully kill enough food to eat to survive until help arrives then I should be in good shape.

5. Family Photo - My family means the world to me and a picture of all of us will remind me of why I am fighting to survive. I’ll keep it to remind me that I have something worth fighting and living for and the people I love the most. It may not be a necessity or a vital means of staying alive but it is the mental aspect that will help me stay optimistic about escaping the island.

I laughed at Charlotte’s number one with the pop tarts because it was really funny and I like pop tarts too. I also noticed a few people picked things that would keep them entertained as well. I could have selected protein shakes or dumbbells but I would rather have some things that could save me. If I knew that there would be no escaping the island this list might have been slightly different. I think that a water filtration or desalination device is a smart idea that is if you cannot bring water of your own. Most people said their phone but I think a laptop replaces that on my list as a form of entertainment and communication. I think it would be very interesting if this ever happened in real life. It would be interesting to see how we would survive with the resources that we would have that day. It is a topic worth thinking about.

Efe Osemeha said...

If I were to be stranded on some bizarre island by myself, I would take the following:

1. A picture of my family: Although they annoy be now, it would be the only reminder of human civilization. It would be the only memory that I have and something that would probably keep me going. The picture of my family would actually make me appreciate them more (more than I actually do now). This photo would let me relive the ups and the downs – which are essential to keep one’s mind sane.

2. Note books and some pens: Like Rachel said, I would bring some pens and notebooks. Unlike Rachel (Cooper), I would use this notebook to express my feelings. It would like “The Diary of a Stranded Black Girl” or something like that. After writing my feelings, I would read them occasionally to see how much I have grown and how I handle certain situations differently.

3. A cell phone: I would bring a cell phone to “actually” communicate with people. Considering the fact that my cell phone has a locator on it and the fact that I would HATE being stranded in the middle of nowhere. The cell phone would be used in times of emergencies so that the battery would not run out.

4. Lifetime supply of Gum: As my fellow peers may already know, I have an unhealthy addiction to Trident gum. Because fresh water may not be an option, the gum would be used so that I would NOT suffer from dehydration.

5. The final thing I would bring is a lifetime supply of good books. Because I love reading enough as it is and simply because of the fact that I would die of boredom, reading books would be helpful to me. It would keep in touch with civilization.

The weird thing about this topic is that I have never pictured myself being away from civilization. I am a city girl at heart. I am a sixteen year old black girl with nappy hair. Frankly – being stranded in a deserted island is something that I have never thought of. This topic has allowed be to think and has showed me how I take advantage of the new technology that comes out annually.


Abijah Minton said...

If I were stranded on an island, and could only have five things, I would want a warehouse full of my favorite foods, my ipod with the charger, cellphone with the charger, my xbox and my cat.
The warehouse is the most important. It has my large food supply. It is also my shelter. It will have a bathroom and outlets for my xbox, cellphone charger and ipod charger. My ipod is next because it has internet, games, music and can be used to talk to people using something like text free, facetime, or skype. It can keep me entertained for a long time. My cellphone is needed to get in contact with people when I want to be rescued. I can also keep in touch with my friends. My xbox is so I can play games on it and watch movies through netflix. Last is my cat. My cat always follows me around and sleeps on my bed all day. He sits next to me on the couch while I watch tv in the afternoons. My cat is also extremely fat. If I ever ran out of food, I would have a fat cat to feast on.

Emma Rodriguez said...

Well, were I stranded on an island, the five things I'd bring along include:
1. My brother
2. My lucky lighter
3. A (reliable) pocket knife
4. A few awesome books
5. Soap

As Ashley and a few others previously reinforced, utter aloneness is not in human nature. I would be incapable of being all alone for very along. However, my brother is someone I can easily talk to and have fun with. Also, he is very smart and would be good at figuring out how we can best survive.

Fire is a necessity in the keeping of warmth as well as the making of food and healthy drinking water. A lighter would allow that a fire might be made - and a LUCKY lighter would ensure it.

Somehow a knife would become a necessity, whether it be for food, or the creation of other materials. Having a knife on hand would make me feel much more secure.

There are other things that I'd suffer from besides hunger or fear. I would soon become bored out of my mind, and so a good book (such as S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders) would keep me entertained and willing to continue in my survival.

Finally, life would become unbearable were I unable to clean myself time and time again. Soap is a necessity in my book.

Tiffany said...

If I could only bring 5 things on a an island I would bring:
1.My grandma
2.My cell phone and charger
5.My 9mm gun

1. My number one item/person to bring on this island would be my grandmother. My grandma is so funny, and would make my time on the island just fly by. My grandma just came from Jamaica a few years ago, and still has an amazingly thick accent, and the funniest stories. My grandma and I have so much fun together, snd is the best person I could think of to bring.

2.Oh my god my cell phone is one of the most essential parts to my life. My cell phone is my mode of communication between me and the world. My cell phone means the world to me, and would keep me in contact with all my family, and friends. Like Sai said the cell phone was one of the greatest inventions ever. If I have my cell phone I won't go crazy from just being able to talk to my grandma, even though she'd be great conversation.

3.FOOD. I shouldn't even need a description for why I need food, but here it is. I am always hungry constantly around the clock. I could not go for 3 hours with not eating something. Food is one of the most essential things in my life. To stay alive you need food so overall food would be a necessity while on the island.

4.My laptop would keep in touch with my music, and ggive me some entertainment. I could watch movies and play games on my ipod. My laptop is one of the most used items I have in my life. Without it I might just shoot myself. My grandma and I could have an enjoyable time with the laptop.

5. While being on this island one of the most necessary items I would need is a 9mm gun. This gun would be necessary to kill whatever I feel needs to die. Whether my grandma, and I are attacked my animals or wild Indians the gun would come in handy to keep us safe.

dapo.. said...

If I were stranded on an island, and I could on bring five things, they would be (in no particular order):

1. I would bring my best friend. I would bring my best friend because first off I would need someone to talk to and to keep me entertained. I would have to have some contact with another human being, because without it, I would probably go mad.
2. Like almost everyone else, I would bring my cell phone and the charger assuming there was electricity aswell as some type of wifi. Like Tiffany said, along with my best friend, I would need contact with the outside world. Staying with one person for an extended period of time can be aggravating. But with a cell phone I would be able keep in contact with the outside world. This would provide some chance of being rescued, along with the fact that my phone has gps.
3.Like Austyn said, I would bring an assault rifle, with extra ammo. The rifle can be used for multiple purposes such as killing for food, and perhaps signaling a nearby plane of my where abouts.
4. I like Abijah's idea about bringing a warehouse full of my favorite foods, but sadly, I cannot travel with a warehouse. But instead I would bring some type of water purifier as previously mentioned by Kristie and Austyn. The human body can only survive for so long without water, and if fresh water were not available, then that purifier will come in handy.
5. And lastly, I would bring a suitcase full of my favorite foods. Seeing how much I love food, I might as well bring some of my favorites with me just for the pleasure.

Other people have mentioned how they would bring their families. For one I would not bring my family because I would not want to put them through being stranded on an island. Yes I would bring my best friend, but that is just one person to keep me company. I would not make 4 other people miserable just to accomodate to my wants and or needs.

Anonymous said...

What if your pencil breaks... Then what??

Angelo Kolaitis said...

These are the items I would want in order of significance:

1. My Dad: My dad is my best friend in the whole world. He is literally the smartest man I have ever met. I swear he knows everything and I mean everything. He knows how to fix absolutely everything and he is a very handy person. Most importantly however, I love him and there is no way that I could live without him. Like Ashley said, I would go insane without someone to talk to and who better than my own dad. The best part is that I know that I can trust my dad and he would never go against me or do anything to hurt me like someone else might to gain control. Since my dad knows how to fix and build a lot of things and he is very smart with living purposes, he would be my guide to survival.

2. A solar water purifier/cleaner: This would be a great necessity because water is like the number one thing that the human body needs. Since we are on an island, that means we are surrounded by water and all we have to do is put some into the purifier and we will be good to go with water. Also, water is my favorite drink and it would need to be solar powered so that it never runs out of energy.

3. Fishing rod/Shotgun with unlimited bullets and hooks(I don't care, I'm counting this as one thing =]): This is a necessity because we would use the fishing rod to catch fish in order to eat because we cannot live without food or we would die. Since my father and I are both skilled hunters, we would also use the shotgun to catch animals to eat and also for protection. If there was a stronger force on the island, like an animal we would use the shotgun for protection. Plus if we ever got bored, we could fire a couple of rounds just for fun.

4. Unlimited supply of lighters: We would need fire for a couple of reasons. First of all, we would need it to cook our food so that we don't get sick from eating raw foods. Second, we could use it to help us keep warm because we can't get too cold or we would die. Third, we could use it to help weaken trees when cutting them down. Finally, we could use it to signal rescuers or scare away predators.

5: Toolbox with every tool: This is essential to us because we would need it to manipulate the area around us. We would be able to use the saws to cut things down and build shelter. Since my father is a handy man, he would be perfect with the tools to work and make everything that we would possibly need on the island.

Hopefully, nothing this bad every happens but if it does and I have everything on this list, I can't say I would be too mad.


Vivek said...

1. My Sax and percussion drum
2. My Dog Indy
3. A Backpack filled with some Memories from home
4. A battery run stereo and cds with batteries
5. Journal and Pencil

1. I LOVE music with a passion it is my life at the time and without it i wuld be so bored i woud love to play my sax when i get bored because that happens a lot with me nd when ever I do get bored I always make life a lot more fun with a little music. Also my percussion box drum because time with a steady beat is always awesome because it just makes everything fun because literally anything around you can make a nice beat if you know how to play it. It would keep me occupied.

2. My dog Indy because if you have ever seen the movie IAM Legend then you know how I would be. I love my dog that much and i lov to play with him and he and I would keep eachother company and stop either of us from going insane of being left alone. My favorite thing about my dog is that he is so fun loving he will literally do anything if it is fun for him and I dont think I could survive without him.

3. Whenever I am alone always feel so empty and that no one loves me. But my parents have a small photo album for both me and my brothers life that show all the great memories we have as a family and if I ever did get stranded on an island I know that if I had that album on the island with me I would never be sad or lonely.

4. As I said before I love music but playing saxaphone all the time can make your lips hurt like crazy and playing the percussion will make your hands hurt as well. So te reason I would take a battery run stereo is because the island might not have power cords and batteries would work also my entire collection of eminem and michael jackson because whenever im feeling down in my mind nothing can turn my frown upside down better then some Michael Jackson.

5. Being trapped on an isalnd I would forget what happened yesterday or what day it was so for me keeping a journal would make my life both easier and full oh hope because the thought of being rescued can make anyone stranded on an island's hopes go up. Also to record how I am doing on things such as water and food would make life easier and less suspensful and easier.

All the items I chose to bring would make my life a whole lot easier and make the fact of being stranded seem more like a relaxation process then a life or death situation.